tripwire presents

bristol comic con

taking place over the weekend of

3-4th september 2022

at the doubletree at hilton in redcliffe, Bristol

3 decades of tripwire!

As part of Tripwires major 30th anniversary celebrations, we bring you the ultimate inaugural convention, Bristol Comic Con

Our Features for 2022


Brian Stelfreeze

As a painter, penciller, inker, and colourist, Brian Stelfreeze has worked for nearly every major U.S. comic book publisher, and was one of the original

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Martin Simmonds

Simmonds is an English comic artist and co-creator of Image’s major hit series The Department of Truth with James Tynion IV, now optioned for a

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Jorge Fornes

Jorge Fornes is a comic-book artist from Barcelona, who made his debut several years ago working on DC’s Detective Comics and Marvel’s Thunderbolts. Since then

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About Tripwire

Tripwire presents Bristol Comic Con is the inaugural convention launched as part of Tripwire’s 30th anniversary celebrations. It will offer the cream of UK, US and European comic talent as well as film and TV production veterans. Taking place over the weekend of 3 to 4 September 2022 at the Doubletree at Hilton in Redcliffe in Bristol, the show’s remit is to provide a total fan and collector experience with panels, exhibitions, dealers, cosplayers and a new addition to the mix: exclusive workshops featuring top International comic names with decades of expertise. We are also looking to make the event a hub for social gatherings where fans and industry leaders can mingle. We also intend it to become a regular fixture in the comics events calendar.


Most frequent questions and answers

Family… being a family.

Because Joel knew that I had been doing this “con guest manager” and artist’s rep thing for 20 years, and he was crazy enough to ask me to join. 🙂

Booking guests, working with them to pick their flights, dates on the show, programming their schedules, panels and live drawings if they have any, take them to lunch / dinner. And in the end, make sure they go back home happy while telling everybody else.

The guests, but above all, the familiarity. It’s not about the quality of the artists invited being so high, it’s also how close they will be to the fans in terms of signings and panels. It’s all about good people communicating with good people. It doesn’t matter if you’re a fan or a pro, we’re all just people who love comics.

Please don’t make me pick. They’re all “my children”. 🙂 They’re are all geniuses and I think they’re all amazing…Stelfreezecoughididn’tsayititsyourImagination.

What are the challenges of putting a show on in 2022?

My older brothers had Savage Sword of Conan issues at home, and I was reading those when I was five (I know, that explains a lot about me).

They also had a lot of Classics Illustrated editions that adapted two pages of a novel per one page of a comic. That’s why I read Jules Verne, James Fenimore Cooper, Karl May, Walter Scott and others between the ages of 5 and 7 is when I got hooked forever. 🙂