Howard Chaykin Q and A

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We are all fond of lists and the guys at Tripwire towers are no exception. So we are grilling all of our talent from the show with the Tripwire Ten. First up is our star guest Howard Chaykin…

1. Which comic lit the touchpaper for your interest in the medium?

At the age of four, I was given a crate that had previously held a refrigerator, half filled with comics of every genre, in that summer of 1955.

2. What was the key moment that made you want to be a professional ?

See my reply to question 1.

3. What was your first professional work and were you happy with it?

I’d rather not say.  And no.

4. What was the first work you did where you were the main attraction?

The DC comics adaptations of Fritz Leiber’s FAFHRD and THE GRAY MOUSER stories.

5. Who has been your favourite creative partner over the years and why?

Ken Bruzenak.  He is brilliant.

6. What is the work you are most proud of and why ?

TIME(SQUARED).  Because of its ambition.

7. Do you still nurse any ambitions for the future and if so what?

To continue working, annoying many, and to die at my desk.

8. Who is your biggest influence in comics ?

Too numerous a swarm to be specific in such a regard.

9. What would you like to change the most about the comics industry ?

You really want to get me started, don’t you?

10. And what are you looking forward to the most about the Tripwire presents Bristol Comic Con ?

Engaging with fandom in one of my favourite cities in the UK.

Meet Howard Chaykin at Bristol on 3 and 4 Sept 2022