Howard Chaykin

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Howard Chaykin is without doubt one of the legends of the comics medium who has been a major influence on the art form since the 1970s, and has been one of its greatest proponents. Chaykin got his start early in comics working for Gil Kane and other greats such as Wally Wood and Neal Adams, who undoubtedly influenced and helped develop his talent. Before starting to work in film and television he was one of the pioneers of the graphic novel with The Stars My Destination and Empire. He was also the artist on Marvel’s comic adaptation of Star Wars: A New Hope as well as the artist on one of the Luke Skywalker movie posters for the movie. He is best known for the revolutionary and ground-breaking American Flagg! and Black Kiss series in the 1980s, and has also worked on contemporary updates of The Shadow and Blackhawk. Chaykin is currently writing and illustrating Hey Kids, Comics and Divided States of Hysteria for Image. After fifty years in the business Chaykin is still one of the firebrands of the industry, and thankfully is still producing challenging work.