Elena Casgrande

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Elena Casagrande began her career as an illustrator when she enrolled at the International School of Comics in Rome. She initially worked with IDW and has continued to collaborate with them, working on multiple series of Star Trek, Ghost Whisperer, Angel, True Blood, Doctor Who and the X-Files.

She has also worked for Marvel on Spider-Man, Magik, Spitfire and the Hulk, and at for DC Comics she has drawn Green Arrow, The Flash, Batgirl, Catwoman and Harley Quinn for various projects. Most recently she has pencilled a Wonder Woman short story, a Hack/Slash series finale for Image, worked at Boom! Studios on a movie adaptation and launched a new series of Doctor Who for Titan. Currently she has been working on a Black Widow title for Marvel which won her and her colleagues the Eisner Award 2021 for Best New Series.