Brian Stelfreeze

As a painter, penciller, inker, and colourist, Brian Stelfreeze has worked for nearly every major U.S. comic book publisher, and was one of the original members of Atlanta’s famous Gaijin Studios. While Stelfreeze has been known throughout his career primarily as a cover artist, painting more than 50 consecutive cover illustrations for DC Comics’ Batman: […]

Elena Casgrande

Elena Casagrande began her career as an illustrator when she enrolled at the International School of Comics in Rome. She initially worked with IDW and has continued to collaborate with them, working on multiple series of Star Trek, Ghost Whisperer, Angel, True Blood, Doctor Who and the X-Files. She has also worked for Marvel on […]

Howard Chaykin

Howard Chaykin is without doubt one of the legends of the comics medium who has been a major influence on the art form since the 1970s, and has been one of its greatest proponents. Chaykin got his start early in comics working for Gil Kane and other greats such as Wally Wood and Neal Adams, […]

Martin Simmonds

Simmonds is an English comic artist and co-creator of Image’s major hit series The Department of Truth with James Tynion IV, now optioned for a film version. He also co-created IDW’s Dying Is Easy with writer Joe Hill, and Punks Not Dead for IDW’s Black Crown imprint. Heavily influenced by the impressionistic and baroque style […]

Jorge Fornes

Jorge Fornes is a comic-book artist from Barcelona, who made his debut several years ago working on DC’s Detective Comics and Marvel’s Thunderbolts. Since then he has worked on a multitude of characters for the big two such as Wolverine, Dr. Strange, Daredevil, Batman and Green Arrow. In his spare time, he also co-created the […]

Sean Phillips

Phillips started his professional career drawing for UK girl’s comics like Bunty, Judy and Nikki while he was still at school. He was part of the wave of British comic artists in the 1980s who came to prominence thanks to 2000AD, Crisis, New Statesmen and The Judge Dredd Megazine thanks to his graphic lines and […]